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Julie Wilcke

Julie Wilcke, Ride Connection’s Chief Operating Officer, is a nationally recognized in best practices for mobility management and coordination.  She has been working in human services transportation since 1991 with her first experience working in this field as a volunteer driver.  Since 2000, Julie has been employed with Ride Connection in Portland, Oregon.  Her current position is Chief Operating Officer.  This position lends to a diverse area of responsibilities which include development, implementation and oversight of the RideWise Travel Training Program, Driver Training program, management of all aspects of service delivery (service center, direct service delivery and monitoring of contracted door-to-door services) and planning /implementation of special projects, including transportation to dialysis.  She is also currently the Board President of the Association of Travel Instruction.  

Julie is a native-born Oregonian, never uses an umbrella, loves spending time with her family, friends, and adorable lab Audrey, working in such a dynamic field, creating with glass and playing in the outdoors.   

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