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May 6 - Teleconference - The Role of Travel Training with Autonomous Vehicles
The introduction of self-driving vehicles promises to change human services transport in the very near future.  But there are still major concerns in using the cars - including rider safety - that might be addressed through travel training.  Here from ATI Past-President Mike Davis and Carol Kenderdine, Asst VP of Transportation & Mobility on how advocates are making sure safety and ease of use are top priorities in the research and design stages.

June 3 - Webinar - The Business of Travel Training
Schools, nonprofits, and transit agencies all approach travel training in different ways, but there are common elements.  Is there a "Venn Diagram" among their administrative practices?

July 1 - Teleconference - Airport Travel Instruction
Wings for Autism has taken flight at many small-and-large airports across the country!  What are some of the basic concepts?  Is it a program that might work at your local airport?  What are some of the similarities and differences between airport travel instruction and what we do?

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