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ATI is accepting nominations for scholarships and awards that will be awarded during the 2024 ATI Conference. 

The deadline to submit an application is July 8, 2024.  

Individuals will be contacted by July  2024 to be updated on the status of their application (except for the Jack Gorelick Award, the winner is announced at the conference). Please click on the APPLY link below for more details.


Each year, the Jack Gorelick Award is presented to an outstanding supporter or practitioner of travel instruction. This is the highest Award that is given by ATI each year and it is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated the spirit and intent of Jack Gorelick in promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities into the life stream of our communities through independent travel and the use of public transportation by all people.



The Juanita Curtis Memorial scholarship is a scholarship to attend the Annual ATI Conference in Charlotte, NC. The scholarship covers the cost of attendance to the conference. Eligible applicants will be former or current Travel Training Trainees or people with disabilities who are transit advocates. The goal of this scholarship is to give people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a professional conference and provide insight and input into the field of travel instruction.

About Juanita:

Regular attendees at ATI Conferences will remember a quiet woman with a discerning eye, a listening ear, and a sense of adventure.  Juanita Curtis regularly accompanied her husband, Thomas Curtis, to the conferences.  Those of us fortunate enough to spend time with Juanita eagerly awaited her arrival.  Like a forward scout, Juanita explored each of the host cities, especially areas close by the Conference site, and returned to share the local treasures she found with us.  We were then able to use our “free” time to see, hear, and learn about these “treasures” that there would have been no time to research and find ourselves.  Juanita found them for us in what appeared to be an effortless manner.  A musician, a teacher, a parent, a soul-mate to Thomas, Juanita became a special and cherished friend to many ATI members, sharing stories, experiences, and lessons learned from a life well and fully lived.

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