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Mission Statement

To advance the right of all persons with disabilities and older adults to equal access to public transportation and community participation by providing:  support, information, training and education to promote quality Travel Instruction.

Vision Statement and Values

The Association of Travel Instruction (ATI) is the leading national organization providing support, information, education and advocacy for the profession of Travel Instruction.

We believe no person should be denied the opportunity to fully participate in their community as a result of an inability to use public transportation. ATI supports the development of Travel Trainers and Instructors in their professional role of teaching individuals who need assistance on how to use public transit.

Our members’ mission is to serve our travel training participants. We advocate on a national, regional and local level for the right and opportunity of all people to move about without denial or harm and with purpose on public conveyances available to all citizens. ATI, its instructors, trainers, members and supporters value and are committed to:

  • Teaching Excellence - the gold standard of quality instruction, professional development and business sharing and networking to further the lives of people with disabilities and older adults.

  • Independence - so that people with varying ability levels can be active and participating members of their community and society

  • Respect and Integrity - our organization is guided by honest, transparent, responsible and accountable actions and deeds that served our travel training participants, ATI members, sponsors and supporters’ interests

  • Diversity and Inclusion - we respect, attract and support a diverse body of travel training participants, instructors, members and leadership.

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