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David Abrahams

David Abrahams has been a member of the Travel Training profession since 1988. As a travel trainer in the NYC Department of Education’s Travel Training program David provided one-to-one travel instruction to students with significant disabilities. David had the opportunity to grow with the profession of Travel Training, incorporating technology into travel training as a strategy, introducing youth with disabilities to public transportation through bus demonstrations and to pedestrian skills at Safety City locations, participating in the Easter Seals Project Action grant to develop Competencies for the Travel Instructor and Travel Trainer, and becoming a founding member of ATI. David brought these skills and experiences with him as he moved to the position of Travel Training Teacher/Instructor in the Travel Training Program. As a Travel Training Teacher David added the responsibilities of outreach to parents, schools, and agencies, assessing students’ eligibility and readiness for travel training, designing individual instructional plans with travel trainers for their students, scheduling and revising travel instruction, conducting professional development activities for staff, and providing on-the-job training for new travel trainers. Over his career David has been responsible for the provision of one-to-one travel training to hundreds of youth with significant cognitive, emotional, physical, and hearing disabilities.
David has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Queens College and a Master’s of Science in Special Education from Brooklyn College. David has been a member of the Association of Travel Instruction since its inception and is looking forward to contributing his knowledge and experience to the organization as a board member.

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