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Benefits of ATI Membership


We are so glad you have decided to take a minute to check out our blog! The Association of Travel Instruction is working hard to increase our communication, connection and strengthen the community within our organization.

My name is Christina Cooper, and I’m one of ATI’s current Board Members. I work for Ride Connection in Portland, and held the outreach position for our RideWise Travel Training program until mid-2019. My job was to talk to anyone who would listen about the benefits of independent travel, public transit, access to the community and all the opportunities that come with travel training.

Because of my role in our program, I had the great opportunity to attend multiple ATI conferences all over the country. What struck me immediately upon meeting other members is I immediately felt like I had found my people. ATI members are a special bunch, and it was so nice to be in a space where everyone had the same goal they were working towards and I could talk about what I did with people who actually understood what I did all day, and we could share stories, experiences, and help one another troubleshoot. Never underestimate the power of connecting with professional peers.

Due to Ride Connection’s membership in ATI, I have participated in webinars, learned so much at conferences and had the opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the country. And now, I have the chance to serve as a Board member. I cannot say enough about the opportunities that have been afforded to me through my participation in ATI.

With that, I would strongly encourage you, to sign up for an ATI annual membership, if you haven’t done so already. Not only will you have access to the ATI Facebook group to connect in between conferences, free registration for webinars throughout the year; you also receive discounted registration for our annual conference – which will be held in Cleveland, Ohio this August.

Thank you so much for reading! And don’t hesitate to reach out:

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