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A "Vehicle" for Fun: Exploring Transit Rider Perks!

As travel trainers, we teach our trainees how to stay safe, how to read a schedule, how to pay fare, etc. But how often do we tell them that riding the bus can just be plain old FUN! There’s something so calming about letting someone else do the driving as you hop aboard, settle in a comfy window seat and watch the scenery zip by.

Just to show you how much fun can be had using transit, I pulled together this sampling of exciting promotions and events that are available EXCLUSIVELY to transit riders:

--High school and college students in Pasco County, FL can travel for an unlimited number of bus rides using the “Summer Haul Pass”. For just $20, students can use the pass to get to Florida’s beaches, theme parks, shopping malls, and more from June 1 – August 31:

--Craving a hot buttered jumbo popcorn? Or maybe a steaming cup of coffee or refreshing can of seltzer water - all at no charge? Those of us fortunate enough to live in Philadelphia know that our SEPTA KeyCard unlocks these and dozens of other discounts or freebies just from flashing the pass at local retailers:

--Eau Claire (Wisc.) Transit has joined Nashville’s WeGo Transit and several other systems that partner with local libraries for the “Books on Buses” program. Riders can pick a book, magazine, or audiobook located in a rack inside all city buses. Best of all, the items go home with the riders – no need to have a library card or check them out!

--Eat San Diego allows transit patrons there to handpick fresh oranges, tomatoes, cabbages, and produce as they wait for the bus. Free community gardens, lovingly tended to by the riders and neighbors, are sprouting up at bus stops throughout that coastal city!

There are probably many other programs out there aimed at keeping riders happy and engaged.Does your public transit agency give away free seeds on Earth Day?Pop-up prize patrols on the local buses with swag bags and gift cards?If so, please tell us about it at and share a picture!


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