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COVID-19 Travel Training and Transportation Services Resources

Happy Independence Day! The following is a compilation of resources found on travel training and/or transportation services with regards to COVID-19. This list is not exhaustive. Please comment and add additional resources.

The Association of Travel Instruction – ATI ( ATI has conducted 2 webinars to date on Travel Training amid COVID-19. These will be posted for members viewing on the members-only portion of the website soon and has a blog post open to the public written by David Abrahams, ATI Board of Directors on Travel Training during COVID-19 (

The White House/CDC/FEMA Coronavirus Website ( - This site provides general coronavirus disease information and resources.

Department of Transportation – DOT (­) – The Department of Transportation is a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force and has created a compilation of resources explaining how they are responding to COVID-19.

National Aging and Disability Transportation Center - NADTC ( – The NADTC is a federally funded national training and technical assistance center working to increase access to transportation for older adults, people with disabilities, and caregivers. COVID resources are provided on general transportation services, volunteer transportation, aging and disability network, and additional miscellaneous recourses.

Community Transportation Association of America – CTAA ( – CTAA has provided a list of COVID-19 safety protocols for transit services, a downloadable best practices toolkit, and COVID-19 FAQs.

National Association of City Transportation Officials – NACTO ( – The NACTO has created this list of resources focused on transit agencies being on the front lines of responding to COVID-19 and include tools for rapid responses, on-the-ground updated, federal funding information, and external resources.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine – NAS ( - NAS has compiled a site containing lessons learned and recorded and upcoming COVID-19 webinars on various topics.

The American Public Transportation Association – APTA ( APTA provides recorded webinars and townhall discussions, upcoming live update sessions, APTA highlighted COVID communications, and a dedicated email hotline and FAQ page.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC ( The CDC has compiled COVID resources and best practices for rideshare, taxi, limo, & other drivers-for-hire.

Federal Transit Administration – FTA ( The FTA has compiled a FAQ from grantees regarding COVID-19 which includes, but is not limited to, information on the CARES Act and Civil Rights for people with disabilities.

Thank you for all you do to increase or improve transportation services for people with disabilities, older adults, and others especially during these trying times. Please comment with additional resources you have found helpful regarding travel training and COVID-19. We hope that you stay safe as we continue to navigate this pandemic.

Kristi McLaughlin

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