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ATI Membership Benefits


Thank you so much for stopping by to visit the Association of Travel Instruction’s blog! This is one way we as a Board communicate with our membership.

This post is all about membership benefits and is being brought to you by Raven Alexander and Christina Cooper. Raven works for Wichita Transit, in Wichita, Kansas, as a Transportation Coordinator. In her role she serves variety of tasks ranging from FTA Section 5310 grant oversight, oversee civil rights programs and paratransit eligibility. She also serves as the Travel Trainer. Christina Cooper works for Ride Connection, Inc., in Portland, Oregon, as the Training Manager. In her role she oversees driver and staff training for community based and non-emergency medical transportation. In a previous life, Christina worked as the Outreach Specialist for the RideWise Travel Training program talking to anyone who would listen about the benefits, access and opportunities connected to traveling by transit.

We are writing today to encourage you to sign up for annual membership with the Association for Travel Instruction if you have not done so already.

As a Travel Trainer, we all know that no situation or trainee is the same. Whether you are a new travel trainer or seasoned, it is always great to have resources and a community of individuals that can help be of support and provide tips and/or best practices. Well - the Association of Travel Instruction is it.

Being a member, you have access monthly blogs and quarterly newsletters so you stay in the know about current topics. Our Professional Development Committee offers monthly webinars or teleconference to increase your knowledge. Did we mention that there is an AWESOME conference held every year with dynamic presentations and networking opportunities? Definitely an event that you do not want to miss and the membership benefits continue.

In short, the benefits are endless – both personally and professionally. If you haven’t done so already – sign up for your membership today! We would love to have you join us!


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