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Riding a Bus for the First Time: It's all about Common Sense

Written by: Joseph Kiefer, Quality Assurance, MTA

Many individuals today have a sense of how to “use” public transportation. In many instances one might be able to board a bus and have a seat. In reality let’s look at this from another angle. An ordinary individual gets on their local bus transportation system to take them to the grocery store.

Now once on the vehicle this individual sits down and is looking around in frustration as nothing outside the windows looks very familiar to them. They ask the bus driver are you going to the grocery store on the Main Street? The bus driver looks at this individual as if they have just asked the worst question imaginable.

This is where “common sense” comes into play for someone that has just started using public transportation. One needs to map out the most acceptable route, and then look at the bus stations’ maps of the individual routes. Once this is accomplished then and only then can knowing where it is one needs to go will make sense and will eventually become second nature. This is of course after taking a couple trips to get one comfortable with how the bus operates.

Looking for bus route names on the front and sides of the bus on an electronic marquee while helping individuals become familiar with the bus that correlates with a particular route. Be sure to arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early so you are prepared for when the bus arrives. If one arrives late there is a chance of missing that bus and you would have to wait for another bus which could be a half hour or so in time that you are having to wait.

It is always a good idea to make sure you are prepared even before heading out to the bus stop so make sure you have everything you need: phone, money, bus route, bus times, and locations of bus stops for your trip. Follow these tips and you are on your way to having a great experience.

Illustration by: Wikihow


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